Living or having lived in France
 march 26 thru april 18, 1958 - Catalog Exhibition 434 Wabash Avenue

Great rare painters 
Great transcendent artists - International Galleries Chicago Ill. USA
Exhibition catalog of  "Great painters the most outstanding in the world of art".
Preeminent artists, Preeminent  remarkble artists, Unmistakable painters, Obvious prominent painters , preeminent contemporary artists.

Georges Braque

Georges Braque
"One of the originators of cubism"

Marc Chagall

​Marc Chagall
"Chagall remains one of the great expressionists"

Georges Yatridès

​​Georges Yatridès
"Surrounded by series of insignificant contemporaries"

André Lhote

​André Lhote
"Lhote influence on contemporay art has been considerable"

Pablo Picasso

​Pablo Picasso
"His recent work has shown a desappointng decadence"

François Desnoyer

​François Desnoyer
"One of the most significant  painter"

fernand Léger

​Fernand Léger
"Dynamic interpretator of  modern life"

Marcel gromaire

​Marcel Gromaire
"Leading expressionist"

Jacques Villon

​Jacques Villon
 "Biennale in Venice winner"

roger chapelain-midy

​Roger Chapelain-Midy
 "Winner of one of the Carnegie prizes along  with Vlaminck and Utrillo"

Jean Puy

​Jean Puy
"Importance given to its work in Charpentier exhibition"